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How to fix "Chain issue: Contains Anchor" in SSL Labs Test

"Chain issue: Contains Anchor" in SSL Labs Test

Are you tried to test your website SSL using Qualys SSL Test and you found "Chain issues - Contains anchor" section "Additional Certificates (if supplied)". so today i will show you the solution for this SSL problem and how to fix it.

Chain issues - Contains anchor solutions

1- Ignore this chain issues - contains anchor error (There won't be any side effects)
2- Remove the root cert from the SSl certificates bandle file using Notepad or any advanced editor like notepad ++ or Atom.

If you need to know what the correct root cert code you just copy starts from -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- to -----END CERTIFICATE-----. and check/decode the SSL code you will see all certificate information you want.
SSL decode

Certificate Information:
Common Name: AddTrust External CA Root
Organization: AddTrust AB
Organization Unit: AddTrust External TTP Network
Country: SE
Valid From: May 30, 2000
Valid To: May 30, 2020
Issuer: AddTrust External CA Root, AddTrust AB
Serial Number: 1 (0x1)

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask me using comments below.

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